Friday, April 12, 2013

A Windy Day at Coffin Island

Caja de Muertos, also called, "Coffin Island" because of its coffin-looking shape, is our next port of call. We had another 3:30 am departure, but with a better wind angle today we sailed most of the way arriving just after 9:00 am. We met up with Field Trip who had left a little earlier than us and the two boats were about the only ones tied to the mooring balls just of the beach. Thank God the mooring balls where on the lee of the island because the wind was really ripping that day.

Coffin Island is a State Park with nature exhibits and trails around the island. We wandered around the western tip of the island and then over to the windward side where we were nearly blown away in the strong steady Easterlies. Once you gained your balance, the view was breathtaking.

It was really windy on Coffin Island; we were afraid the little ones would get airborne.
Two babes.
We headed over to the trail to the lighthouse and now out of out of the strong winds, started taking off layers of clothing as the temperature climbed.

Elizabeth, our resident photographer, records our journey for posterity.
Mark and Sarah's daughter was our resident paparazzi, taking pictures of everyone as we hiked along the cactus-lined trail. Along the way we had lots of opportunity to chat about this and that.

Elizabeth finds out why you don't play with cactus!
The trail up to the lighthouse.

After a long flat stretch, the trail grew steeper and longer than anticipated and became a tunnel through the overhead foliage. Once at the top the 360 view was incredible.

View from the top of the lighthouse across the Caribbean.
Lighthouses such as this were the only salvation to mariners before the days of GPS and chart plotters.
Flying Cloud delivered a special 10th anniversary cake to Mark and Sarah and Field Trip.
Later that afternoon Walter delivered (by dingy) a special 10th anniversary cake over to Field Trip. We wished them the best and they had a little family celebration showing special videos of their wedding day 10 years ago and their early years together.

Congratulations Sarah and Mark!

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