Sunday, July 28, 2013

We're Going to the Zoo; How about You?

One of the classic Sunday outings in Seattle is going to the Woodland Park Zoo. It's grown tremendously since Meryl and I went there when we were students at the University of Washington and often later with our kids Christa and Brad.

So, what's going through her mind?
We gathered up the clan and set off early on a Sunday morning. Quinn immediately wanted to see the bronze monkeys at the entrance and Brody spotted a tractor he had to drive.

Brody never met a tractor he didn't fall in love with.
There was a neat underground burrow of some type and we lost the kids in that as Brad prowled the top looking though holes in the roof. They should have called it "Be a Gopher for a Day."

You could just tell both the infants, Conner and Bennett, were just hankering to get out and run through all the neat stuff with their older siblings.

For the adults just keeping up with Quinn and Brody was a full day's work. My favorite part is where we got lost and Quinn took the map and walked off trying to figure out where we were.

What a great day with the family. Only wish we could be together more often.

"Boy, I wish I could read."

A girl on a mission.

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