Friday, July 19, 2013

Yes Chuck Berry, We are Back in the USA

Rather than simply getting on an airplane and flying direct to Seattle, we figured a more complicated way of getting home. After touching down in Houston and getting the de rigueur chocolate milkshake, cheeseburger and fries at Rubys, we turned left instead of right and flew to Tampa where our friends Annie and Tryg picked us, and our four boxes, and somehow squished everything into their new Acura. We had planned on spending several days with them, but they had to leave in two days to go to a funeral in Wisconsin. Tryg was in the process of selling his business and we had to get all our junk out of his warehouse.

Being back in Tampa brought back fond memories of when I stayed with Annie and Tryg while I outfitted Flying Cloud over a six-month period. Once in the warehouse we found our pallet and quickly made decisions about what went back to Seattle and what would be given away to locals. The next morning we all went to the airport, us heading to Houston/Seattle and Annie and Tryg to Wisconsin.
Touching down at Sea-Tac Airport is always a joy, except we're usually wiped out from a 12 to 14-hour flight from somewhere. United Airlines did a great job getting us there, and amazingly all our boxes made it in one piece.

We basically had a month at home, but we had a lot to accomplish in the month: visiting with our son and his family, visiting with our daughter and grandkids, visiting with whole family, visiting with friends, and getting a zillion boat parts/provisions to take back to Trinidad.

Meryl with our sweet new grandson, Bennett Levi Conner.

We spent Friday the 18th getting to see our new grandson, Bennett, and his older brother Brody at our son's house in Sammamish. It was wonderful to just hang out and go for a walk where Brody got to live his dream playing on some heavy equipment.

So good to be back with family.

Brody in heaven pretending to be driving a "dig dig."

Daughter-in-law Ashley with Bennett, Brody, son Brad, and Maya the Wonder Dog.

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