Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Remembering the Old Hong Kong Days

As a Pan Am flight attendant in the 1970s, Meryl had the envious job of flying to Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong several times a month.  I was a fledgling young photographer then and made several trips with her to buy cameras and accessories for my business. In Hong Kong our days were spent wandering down Nathan Road, taking the Peak Tram for the incredible views of the city, and exploring the myriad of side streets and alleyways lined with vendors selling everything imaginable.

Hong Kong was certainly a different city then, congested, fragrant, and exotic. To reminisce, we took a day to explore some of our old haunts, traveling the old way from Hong Kong island to Kowloon via the famous Star Ferry.

Riding the Star Ferry was always one of the fun things we did in Hong Kong in the old days. With the cross harbor car tunnels everyone just drives or takes the subway.
A very large group of Tupperware reps from Malaysia were visiting Ocean Promenade which features plaques of famous Asian actors. Here a women is comparing her hand print with that of Jackie Chan's.
Meryl doing her best to emulate the poses of the tourist groups on Ocean Promenade.
The venerable Peninsula Hotel where we used to have high tea. Too expensive now.
Our all time favorite Hong Kong lunch:  dim sum with char sui bows.
Meryl walking along the Ladies Market on Fa Yuen Street.
The famous flower market along, what else, Flower Market Road.
Exploring the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden where Chinese men come to "walk" their birds.
Almost every imaginable bird is for sale in the Yeun Po market.

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