Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sainte Anne to Bequia

June 17

As difficult as it is to leave wonderful little Sainte Anne, we departed early in the morning for the 25-mile sail to Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. We averaged 5 knots with wind on the beam and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during the five-hour sail. So nice to sail without huge waves bashing over the top of the dodger.

Rodney Bay has a huge outer bay that we anchored in with our yellow Q (quarantine) flag flying in the breeze. By now we just wanted to get to 12 degrees, 30 minutes south per the requirements of our insurance company for hurricane season, so we would just overnight at Rodney Bay and leave early the next morning.

June 18
Beautiful bay along St. Vincent where an episode of Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.
Getting up at o’dark thirty, our usual departure time for an 80-mile passage, we sailed along the west coast of St. Lucia enjoying the spectacular view of The Pitons as we passed by. We originally had planned to sail along the east side of St. Vincent, but a strong current on our nose forced us down along the west side where we ended up motor sailing while  trying to maintain our speed, arriving in Admiralty Bay, Bequia, just as the sun was setting. It took us a while to find an adequate anchoring location amongst all the mooring balls. We ended up re-anchoring the next day trying to keep clear of all the surrounding boats.

Enjoying lunch at Sunshine Beach with new friends Jeff and Janet off Truant 3.

From the Magellan Net, our daily 9:00 am radio net, we knew a Canadian boat would be in Bequia when we arrived. We had heard Truant 3 on the radio many times, but never met them so we hailed them on VHF and made arrangements to meet in town to show them around the town.

Jeff and Janet sailed a Saber 38 all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia to the Caribbean, taking two years off from their professions to experience the cruising lifestyle. On June 20th we hiked up over the steep hill to Sunshine Beach where we enjoyed a sack lunch on the beach. A long hike is a really good way to get to acquainted with new friends, even if they are in much better shape than you (I was panting fairly heavily during our conversation).

A not too raucous crowd watching the World Cup in Bequia.

This week was also the start of the World Cup, so I scurried in to a small local cafe to watch USA play Portugal to a 2-2 tie. Since the coverage was in French, I don’t have a clue who did what to whom.

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