Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Day at the Aquarium

Okinawa hosts the largest aquarium in Asia, The Okinawa Churaumi.  We were ready for the aquarium and dolphins but not the incredible playground. Okinawa has some of the most innovative playgrounds I've seen anywhere in the world. The kids were in heaven.

While all the Japanese kids were quietly enjoying their breakfast, our grandkids were literally climbing the walls. The are very spirited kids who keep us on our toes.
Amazingly you are looking at only 1/6 of the total area of this "net playground."
A kiss for mom after a tough day at the playground. 
Conner is still working on his "photo op" skills.
This is about one half the aquarium property.
Quinn and Conner got "up close and personal" with the dolphins.
The sight of these 90 ft. long whale sharks slowing gliding by is absolutely breathtaking. These sharks, thank God, eat plankton that they filter through baleen in their mouths.

My favorite fish, the cute cuttlefish.
My least favorite fish, the highly poisonous lionfish. They destroy reefs by eating everything in sight. Luckily they are very good to eat, so are being hunted by spear fishers worldwide.
If you are from Florida you know what this is, the lovable manatee.
Probably one of the most incredible places to eat lunch. We just couldn't bring ourselves to order fish, however. It just didn't seem right.

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