Saturday, August 2, 2014

Up Into the Wild Blue Yonder

If you've lived in Seattle for a long time, you know one of the highlights of the somewhat brief summer is Seafair and the performance of the Blue Angels. Unfortunately everyone else in Seattle wants to go see them, so the freeways and roads tend to jam up during the practice sessions during Seafair Week.

I had raved to Nash about them, and consulted Mercer Island resident Jim Berry as to the best strategy to get on Mercer Island to watch the Saturday practice performance.  It was a convoluted routing, but we did make it to the Park & Ride garage on Mercer Island and then hiked about 1/2 mile to the Mercer Island "Park on the Lid," a spacious park built on the lid over the I-90 freeway. With its elevation it would be the best view point looking over Lake Washington for the show.

We managed to set up camp on the tennis courts (much to the chagrin of those trying to play tennis) and waited for the telltale roar of the jet engines.  We put ear plugs and ear protectors on the kids, but it turned out the noise wasn't as intense as I remember.

It wasn't quite as intense as I remember when we'd watch from our 26 ft. sailboat on the lake, but still a great show.  The skill of the pilots to fly as close as 18 inches to each other at 700 mph is amazing. Unfortunately the kids lost interest after awhile and became engrossed in playing Frisbee amongst the tennis players.

So much for playing tennis on the courts.
Nash and pilot Conner, ready for take-off.

Quinn's eagle eyes scanning the sky for the Blue Angels.
Blue Angels screaming down the lake over the Floating Bridge.

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